An amazing experience is what you can expect.

Obviously cleaning isn’t rocket science.

& We know you’d rather NOT spend your valuable time being frustrated with “cleaning matters”.


THE COMMON PROBLEM: Do you ever wonder why it almost feels like every single cleaning company start out great, and then all of a sudden, for some odd reason… you notice they’ve begun to slack off?


OUR SOLUTION: Quite simply our proprietary and extremely effective Reverse Task Checklist and the Awareness Cleaning Method® developed by AAA Starr Cleaning to ensure your long term satisfaction.


How would you feel about having:

  • More time to focus on your important tasks at hand
  • Increased peace of mind
  • A healthier work environment
  • Happier staff

OUR VISION: We believe that by providing you with remarkable cleaning, we are able to create SMILES and spread LOVE, so that we are able to help change our world to be better place for all.


That’s why we are “A real pleasure to deal with”.

  • Can you imagine what would it be like for your staff & customers to SMILE as they walk into your fresh – smelling – feeling – clean facility!
  • Trust and quality are extremely important to us. Our growth is absolutely dependant on a great reputation. AAA Starr Cleaning refuses to sacrifice quality. We are a name you can feel great standing behind.
  • “How can we serve you better?” That’s our favourite question we ask our clients on a regular basis. We realized that the more we can continue to learn, the better we can support you now and well into the future.
  • Why do we clean for health? Well as you’re probably aware, spending 1/3 of your day on the job, work starts to feel like a second home. So as you can see, our obsession for cleanliness not only positively impacts your physical health, it also greatly benefits your mental health as well.